Is Cancer a Metabolic Disease? What role does your immune system play? Find out in our interview with Dr. Jason Fung, Author of “The Cancer Code”

Concerned about Cancer?

Learn How Our AVRT Telehealth Program Can Help You Treat the Early Warning Signs of Cancer

1.9 Million Americans Will Be Diagnosed with Cancer in 2021 (1). More than 50% of Cancers Will Be Identified in the later stages (2). Almost 40% of all Cancers are preventable (1).

AVRT specializes in identifying and treating the early warning signs of cancer. Created by the physicians and scientists who developed the ground- breaking COC Protocol, AVRT uses a similar approach by identifying and targeting the inflammatory and metabolic pathways that has been demonstrated to increase the risk of developing cancer and chronic disease. 

Whether you have a family history of cancer or are simply concerned about developing cancer, our physicians can work with you to develop a patient-centric, personalized care plan to help optimize your health.